I don't do drama...

July 01 2021 – Eugenia Coates

But let me tell you...aa business owner and creative, the most annoying and frustrating thing is having my work and intellectual property copied. So check it out, I'm scrolling on the 'gram when I come across a post featuring a knock-off of my "Rebuking Negative Energy" design. What the...!?

I began my internet sleuthing and found the business that made the tee along with their Etsy shop. Don't you know they copied not ONE, not TWO, but THREE of my tee designs??  Whew chile, I was HOT!  I was ready to contact the owner like...

I reached out to my sisters and they were like...

No, seriously. They don't play about me. But, you know who else doesn't play about me? GOD. After some thought, I took some time to pray, relax, relate AND release yall. After I got it together, I decided to address the issue in the way GOD was leading me to - professionally and respectfully. Let me tell yall, within FIVE minutes, God was like...

Not only did I receive an email reply from the business owner, but every listing with my knock-off tees were removed from their website. No beef, no smoke, no stress. Won't HE do it!

I just want to encourage you (and myself!) that no matter what issue, frustration or challenge that may come, remember that God's got you. Remember to pause and pray before you react and allow God to direct you in how you respond. It's not always easy (trust me, I know), but it's a blessing when you do.





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